As a representative of the motel staff and motel organizational structure, the function of a Housekeeper is to support the goals, requirements and duties of the Director of Operations or General Manager and administration team, adhere to the operations standards of the motel and venue, fulfill the requirements to always maintain a sanitized and clean facility, and help to exceed the guests expectations by always representing and maintaining the cleanliness and prestige of the motel.

Duties Include:

  • Assists administration team and other Housekeeping staff with operations.
  • Fulfills the scheduling and operations requirements and duties as directed by the Director of Operations or General Manager and administration team.
  • Participates in and satisfies all training programs for overall motel staff in order to ensure that the required duties are being carried out to the extent of fullest potential.
  • Maintains the cleanliness and sanitation protocols of the motel, which includes, but is not limited to the daily assigned tasks to be maintained throughout the hours of operation and prior to the end of shift, or closing.
  • Maintains the personal hygiene standards and requirements for all venue staff.
  • Practices safety standards within the motel and operations of all equipment, tools, and cleaning supplies in order to prevent injuries or unwanted incidents.
  • Properly prepares, sanitizes and cleans all bathroom, kitchen and sleeping areas in order to ensure that the motel’s requirements and standards for sanitization and cleanliness are always achieved and maintained.
  • Maintains complete familiarity with the operations and service requirements for cleaning equipment, and advises the Director of Operations or General Manager and administration team of any deficiencies, malfunctions or repairs of equipment needed in a timely manner to avoid potential disruptions of service and operations.